Finding the Best Phone System for Medical Offices

Medical offices have a lot on their plates, from providing top-notch patient care to managing staff and finances. But one often-overlooked area that can make or break a practice is phone operations. Whether it’s reducing wait times, improving agent productivity, or providing visibility into call volumes and performance, finding the best phone system for medical offices can be the key to patient acquisition and retention.

We’ll dive into some of the common challenges medical offices face regarding phone operations and how the Axion phone system can help. With features like call menus, queues, and advanced analytics, we’re confident that our solution can help medical offices improve their phone operations and focus on what they do best: take care of patients.Efficient Phone OperationsMedical offices need efficient tools to run properly. This includes the facility’s phone systems. In fact, the best phone system for medical offices can even help with patient acquisition and retention.When offices run on inefficient tools, their patients are usually the ones who suffer the most. They can face long wait times and, in turn, abandon their calls without receiving the assistance they need. If a practice is riddled with these issues along with others, their patients will start to look elsewhere for their medical needs.This is where Axion Communications comes in. Our phone system reduces the time it takes for patients to reach their desired party. Because of this reduced wait time, call abandonment decreases. With a more efficient phone system, office workers can stay focused on the task at hand instead of playing ‘phone switch operator’ to ensure patients speak to the intended department.Key Features of a Robust Phone SystemSome key features should be considered when looking for the best phone system for medical offices. A robust phone system will include all the features listed below and help medical offices improve operations. Such features include:

  • Call Menus– Call menus allow patients to choose which department they want to speak to. This prevents patients’ calls from being answered or transferred over and over.Queues– Phone system queues give callers a plethora of benefits. Among these is the ability to hear their estimated hold time and their position in the queue. Even better, the best phone system for medical offices also offers music and announcement features during queue time. That means the provider can play informational announcements, including new services, updates, and answers to commonly asked questions while the patient is on hold.Advanced Analytics– Advanced analytics can give medical facility decision-makers key insights into how often their patients interact with their staff members. Leadership can receive statistics on office call volume, abandonment rates (5-8% or lower should be your goal), agent answer speed, and much more.
  • Customer Reviews MatterAs you know, a happy customer (or patient) is what we all aim for. When considering an upgrade to your healthcare phone system, we ask that you do your research and see what current customers are saying about phone service providers. It will help you get the products and services you need to run a successful practice.  Here at Axion Communications, we pride ourselves on providing a trustworthy product that adds value to your practice. Our product and superior customer support make Axion Communications a preferred medical office phone system provider. See what our satisfied customers are saying about working with us: Finding the Best Phone System for Medical Office with Axion's Top-Rated Phone SystemChoose Axion to Get the Best Phone System for Medical Offices As a provider of cutting-edge communication systems, we have the expertise to help you enhance patient experiences, streamline your communication systems, and improve your medical office’s overall quality of care. Looking for the best phone system for medical offices? Contact Axion Communications today to learn more about how we can assist you with your communication needs.

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