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Yealink SIP-T48G Advanced HD Touchscreen SIP Phone

  • Revolutionary Design: The SIP-T48G features a 7-inch touchscreen with a scratch-resistant surface, metallic texture, and ergonomic details for superior ease of use.
  • HD Audio Quality: Utilizing Yealink Optima HD Voice technology, this phone offers software and hardware designed to maximize acoustic performance, including full duplex, echo cancellation, and an adaptive jitter buffer for a lifelike conversation experience.
  • Rich Application Visuals: Supports a wide range of productivity-enhancing features such as XML Browser, call forwarding, call transfer, 3-way conferencing, along with a 7″ 800 x 480-pixel color touch screen with backlight for a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate menu.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports (PoE enabled) and a built-in USB 2.0 port for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB recording capabilities, offering advanced network connectivity options.
  • Robust Security and Compatibility: Offers secure SIP over TLS/SSL for enhanced network security and is certified compatible with leading soft switch suppliers like 3CX and BroadSoft Broadworks, ensuring interoperability and secure transport.

Yealink SIP-T48G: Premier Touchscreen Business Phone

Introducing the Yealink SIP-T48G, a top-tier business phone that embodies sophistication and technological innovation. Tailored for busy professionals and enterprises, this phone is a game-changer in enhancing communication and operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Touchscreen Display: Equipped with a responsive 7-inch color touchscreen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. This large screen facilitates a user-friendly experience, making it easier to manage calls and access features quickly.
  • High-Definition Audio: Powered by Yealink’s Optima HD Voice technology, the SIP-T48G delivers superior sound quality. Whether it’s a conference call or a direct communication, clarity is paramount, ensuring that every word is both heard and understood with precision.
  • Efficient Connectivity: Featuring dual-port Gigabit Ethernet technology, the SIP-T48G offers rapid call handling and is built to handle data and voice over the network efficiently.
  • Extensive Compatibility: The phone is fully compatible with leading SIP-based IP PBX and Softswitch platforms. It supports up to 16 VoIP accounts, conferencing, and XML Browser capabilities, making it a versatile choice for diverse business environments.
  • Ergonomic Design: Its sleek, modern design not only complements any office aesthetic but also provides ergonomic comfort for long hours of use, thanks to its adjustable stand.

Benefits for Your Business:

The Yealink SIP-T48G is designed not just for individual use but to enhance the overall productivity of your team. Its integration capabilities allow for smooth communication across various platforms, ensuring that your business stays connected in every scenario. The intuitive user interface and advanced features reduce learning curves and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Upgrade your business communication system with the Yealink SIP-T48G and experience a seamless, powerful, and efficient way of staying connected. Perfect for professionals who need a reliable, feature-rich phone that can keep up with the pace of modern business demands.




Desktop VoIP Phone

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  • Specs
  • Yealink T34W Business Phone

  • Cisco IP Phone 8845

  • Poly VVX 601

  • Avaya J179 IP Phone

  • Product


  • Display Type

  • 7-inch Adjustable Color Touchscreen

  • 5-inch 800x480 pixel WVGA color display

  • 4.3-inch 480x272 pixel color LCD screen

  • 3.5-inch color display

  • Connectivity

  • Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz/5 GHz), Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports

  • Gigabit Ethernet switch, Integrated Bluetooth

  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Integrated Bluetooth® 2.1 EDR

  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi option

  • Audio Quality

  • HD voice with Smart Noise Filtering

  • Wideband audio, full duplex speakerphone

  • HD Voice technology, Acoustic Clarity™ technology

  • Opus codec support, Full duplex speakerphone

  • Video Capabilities

  • None

  • 720p HD two-way video

  • None

  • None

  • USB Ports

  • USB 2.0 for headset connection

  • None

  • Dual USB ports (2.0 compliant)

  • None

  • SIP Accounts

  • Up to four SIP accounts

  • Up to 5 SIP accounts

  • 16 SIP lines (registrations)

  • Eight SIP registrations

  • Additional Features

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), Headset support via USB

  • Manual shutter for privacy, programmable soft keys

  • Voicemail and videomail support, Adjustable base height

  • Supports up to three 24-button Expansion Modules

  • Management Platforms

  • Yealink Device Management Platform (YDMP)

  • Third-party call control support

  • Zero Touch Provisioning, Web-based configuration

  • Avaya Device Enrollment Services for easier setup

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