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Say goodbye to missed calls and hello to productivity with our smart and super powerful virtual phone system. With nifty features like call forwarding, voicemail to email, and a virtual receptionist, you’ll be running circles around your competition. And don’t worry about breaking the bank – our flexible pricing options make it easy to customize your plan to fit your wallet.

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  • Yealink CAM50 – HD Camera for Yealink SIP-T58W and SIP-T58A

    • Yealink CAM50 transforms Yealink phones into video conferencing systems with sharp HD video quality.
    • Designed for seamless compatibility, the CAM50 clips easily onto Yealink models, enhancing usability.
    • Experience crystal-clear video calls thanks to the CAM50’s 720p resolution and advanced camera optics.
    • The CAM50’s adjustable angle and zoom features ensure it fits any conference room layout perfectly.
    • With Axion’s expert support, setting up the CAM50 is straightforward, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Yealink RT10: Wireless Range Extender for DECT System

    • Extended Wireless Range: Doubles the coverage of your existing Yealink DECT base stations, ensuring seamless communication across larger areas.
    • Compatible with Yealink DECT: Perfectly pairs with Yealink W52P and W56P systems, maintaining high-quality voice transmission and connectivity.
    • Plug-and-Play Installation: Easy to set up without any complex procedures, enhancing your system’s capabilities in minutes.
    • Multiple Repeater Support: Allows for the connection of up to six repeaters per base station, creating a comprehensive and scalable communication network.
    • Reliable Performance: Provides stable and consistent call quality, even in environments prone to signal drop-offs and interruptions.
    • Ideal for Large Spaces: An essential addition for businesses operating in large venues or multi-story buildings to maintain clear and uninterrupted calls.

    Expand your communication horizons with the Yealink RT10 Wireless Range Extender. Elevate the reach of your DECT cordless phones effortlessly. With enhanced coverage, easy setup, and seamless compatibility with Yealink W52P and W56P DECT systems, the RT10 ensures crystal-clear calls even in vast spaces. Stay connected with a reliable network supporting up to six repeaters per base station. Maximize your communication potential with the Yealink RT10.

  • Cisco ATA 192: Analog Telephone Multiplatform Adapter for IP Connectivity

    • Seamless VoIP Integration: Enables easy conversion of traditional analog devices to modern VoIP systems, enhancing business communications with minimal disruption.
    • Superior Call Quality: Employs advanced voice compression algorithms and jitter buffering to deliver crystal-clear voice calls and reliable fax transmission via the ATA telephone adapter.
    • Easy Installation: Features a user-friendly setup process that allows for quick and straightforward integration into existing networks, ideal for business cloud phone systems.
    • High Compatibility: Supports both SIP and MGCP protocols, ensuring it works seamlessly with a wide range of VoIP services and equipment, perfect for enterprise IP phones.
    • Robust Security Features: Includes comprehensive security protocols to protect against unauthorized access and ensure secure communication channels for business VoIP solutions.
  • Cisco ATA 191: 2-Port Analog Telephone Adapter for VoIP Integration

    • Superior Voice Quality: Leverages advanced preprocessing and echo cancellation for crystal-clear, natural-sounding voice communications.
    • Dual Independent SIP Registrations: Features two standard FXS ports, allowing for independent configurations and simultaneous SIP registrations.
    • Comprehensive Security: Offers encrypted voice communications and full signaling security, supporting IPv6 for future-proof network compatibility.
    • Easy Deployment and Management: Simplifies setup and integration with central provisioning via Cisco Unified Communications Manager, enhancing serviceability with a dedicated PRT button.
    • Wide Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with Cisco call control systems, ensuring flexible and reliable connectivity for enterprise networks and small offices.
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